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.Volume Four

This is Alessia. Alessia is 28 years old, 5'2 and weighs in at a whopping 102 pounds! She has B-cups, long black hair, big brown eyes, and shaves her pussy bald! She has made her home in the US for the past 8 years now and actually lives in Florida. Understand this, she used to be a Romanian Gymnast! Remember watching all of those International competitions and thinking "Damn, Romania has all the hottest chicks?" Well they really have some smoking women... and this is one of them. Much like me, if you have ever watched international sporting events and thought to yourself "Damn I would love to see one of those Romanian chicks naked"... here is your chance! She has decided to pursue a career in the adult industry and capitalize on the attraction men have for Romanian women, especially ex-gymnasts! I have put her in contact with a couple of guys I know inside the industry... and we should see her first pro video in about 10 to 12 months! Until she breaks it big, she has agreed to make videos for us! Jam! This is going to be fucking awesome! Don't ask me how we lucked into this one, I surprise myself Just be happy we got it and so now you can have it too! I guess the site is coming into its own and allowing us the ability to find more and more unique women! This is their final submission with us. I know I said that before, but unless tapes show up unannounced again... this is it.

Quick Review:
This video was another video edited down from 2 hours of submitted video. Hopefully what I have done here is made the ebb and flow bit better. This has lots of oral, facial/cum eating, masturbation, and sex in a number of different positions. This is another good submission from the two of them, and as stated above, this is definitely their last video on this site. However, you can look forward to seeing more of her in some upcoming studio releases. When I get the titles (if I get the titles) I will post them on the front page. Here we go.

Full Description:
The video begins with her dusting the furniture. I know, I know. It gets better Her naked husband comes in from behind and starts to work her jeans off of her. Personally I rather she start out the video He gets her pants down around her knees and starts to finger her from behind. This soon gives way to him pushing it in her from behind as well. He does this kind of rough, so she lets out a groan. They fuck like this for a few seconds (see pic), then she drops down and starts to blow him for several minutes (see pic). He then puts her on all fours and starts to drill her from behind as she moans loudly. (very nice moaning here!) He spanks her lightly a few times, then pulls out and cums, part on the floor, part on her face and part in her mouth. She swallows what ends up in her mouth and continues to blow him hungrily.

The next scene starts out with her lying on the dining room table moaning as he pounds her. (They love this She starts to rub her clit while they fuck and this makes her moan a little more seriously. (see pic) They fuck in several different positions on this table. She is moaning up a storm and actually looks into his eyes and the camera a bit more on this video as she is pounded. If you like her moans from previous videos, you will not be disappointed with this one! She even takes a moment to get right in the camera, face first! He bends her over and starts to drill her from behind for a while as she moans. (see pic) We get some good close ups of both her ass and pussy, and her face. This fades off to her giving him a blow job. The great thing about this part is that she spends a lot of time looking at him and into the camera. (see pic) It also is longer than some of the blow job scenes we have had from them. Just a nice relaxed scene. She has beautiful eyes and it is great seeing them look up with her mouth full of cock!

We move to her riding him in several positions on the couch. She is bouncing up and down on his dick and making some great faces and sounds! (see pics) She also is in a position that we get to see her leg and stomach muscles tighten quite a bit. We get a lot of close ups of her shaved pussy being stuffed. She even begins to sweat, which is always nice! We move back to the table where we see her getting drilled from behind for a bit longer making all kinds of nice noises and faces! We get treated to some real nice angles of her in this scene. (see pics) They slow the pace down a bit as he slides in and out slowly for a bit and the camera goes below so we can get a nice view of his dick disappearing into her pussy. This is one of the better scenes just because of the angles we get. She starts to ride him for a while and he takes the time to nibble and suck on her nipples. (See pic) We see her drop to the floor and he takes her from behind again. He really starts to lay into her. He even fucks her like this pulling her hair back and using it for better leverage. He pounds away for a bit and she has the presence of mind to look back at the camera, (See pic) until he gets to that point and sprays his seed all over her ass. (See pic) She then turns around and sucks the rest of the seed out of his cock!

This is a great final video. It goes along well with the rest of the series. This video and the third really go a long way to feature her and her awesome body. I always enjoy watching her get nailed anyway Again, this is their final video with us. The set is now complete. If you have liked watching her be fucked over the past 6 months, you will enjoy this video as well. It is a solid follow up to her third video and a nice final video from them. Look for her inside the industry soon! Enjoy.

**Plus this DVD has a 30 minutes Preview Reel!

Alessia Ex Romanian Gymnast Volume 4 Quantity in Basket: none

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