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.Volume One

Shelly is absolutely stunning. She has real green eyes, a great body, size D-cup tits, a shaved bald pussy, and has an unbelievable ability to deep throat 9 inches of cock! She lives in Arizona but is originally from Louisiana. She works as an advertising executive for a large company. Imagine getting to work in her office all day long! Her husband Mike is a project manager for a large company he asked me NOT to mention, but you can just tell by their house that money isn't really a concern for these two. Shelly is 38 years old, I swear it. She looks like she could still be in her late twenties I know... but there is just something about watching a women that looks this damn good in her thirties... reminds me of some of the crushes I had growing up on some older women (friends She is an honest to goodness real suburban wife and soccer mom. She is just that woman who will look awesome no matter what her age. They wanted to do this for the fun, not the money. Their response when I discussed buying their videos was basically that they did not need the money but would use it for toys and lingerie for Shelly to use and wear in future I love people like this! Hold on to your hats. This suburban wife is highly sexual, loud, gorgeous, and seems to be out to prove she can be a bad girl too! I love women from the suburbs that end up having wild sides!

Quick Review:
This video is actually something very special here at Shot At Home. It spans 10 years of sex. This video starts out with some footage from their honeymoon, and a vacation they took later that year. It ends with some stuff they shot 30 days ago. Mike has a 9 inch cock, and the first half of video you can see that they use a TON of lube and that she is still having a hard time getting used to his size. Unfortunately my pictures do not show exactly how big he is... just works out that way sometimes... but the video does! We have oral, cuming in her mouth and swallowing, cuming inside her, facial, toy in the ass, deep throating and gagging, shaving, masturbation, fucking, and sack Yes, when she gets charged up, all bets are off! Sit back and enjoy as this is something you wont get to see anywhere else! I will jump around a lot because there is a lot to touch on and I probably will not get to everything.

Full Description:
The first scene is from 1994 and is from their honeymoon. It starts out with a quick dressed wave hello by her, then fades quickly to her nude on the bed double fingering her pussy. There are some static lines that appear here and there they only last half a second... what do you want for footage over 10 years old? Seriously, these stop after a couple of minutes, and it only happens 5 or 6 times. We see her working her clit and fingering her pussy. She is going to town and it is so sexy seeing someone masturbating for her own camera ten years ago! She ends up stopping because she wants him to turn off the camera. We fade to her blowing him up close for a while. When we lean out, we get to see exactly how big he is. She tells him to put the camera down and lick her We fade back in to her spreading olive oil all over his body and she starts to jerk him off (see pic). They exchange "I love yous" here and talk a bit. We fade to her getting her pussy eaten (as requested) and she is moaning and groaning. This is an awesome fucking scene. You hear her breathing become shallow and she starts to gasp and shake. She then has an awesome orgasm and we get a front row seat for it! Out-fucking-standing! You will love the way she cums too! They start to fuck and kiss. They are discussing where he will cum... and she tells him that she wants his first cum (on their honeymoon) to be in her. Then he can do whatever he wants! They kiss and fuck for a bit and he spreads her open and starts to drill her deep until she cries out that he hurt her going in to deep... he then cums inside her and we fade into a new scene.

The next scene has them doing 69 with her facing the camera (see pic). She begins to blow him and deep throat him. She is jacking his dick and gagging a bit and drooling. I can't believe she downs the whole thing. He says he is going to cum and she tells him that she wants him too. She starts deep throating him and when she has it all the way down her throat he starts to cum and shoots it right into her belly. She starts to gag and you can hear all the liquid, but she holds it together and swallows every ounce! BRAVO!

We move to 1995 and a hotel room where they are on vacation (I believe in Europe) She starts out by rubbing her pussy and posing on the bed for a bit. She gets naked and just leaves her pumps on. We fade to the bathroom where she is taking a bubble bath and posing for the camera (see pic). She shaves her pussy bald for the camera. After she is done and freshly shaved smooth, we cut back to the bedroom where she is playing with her bald pussy. She starts to suck him off again. He ends up getting on top of her and fucking her deep again as she grunts. He cums very quickly and they joke about it... but if you watch you can see his seed oozing out of her pussy as he continues to fuck her. She rides him for a bit more (great ass shots).

We move to 2003, and when we do, turn your set down a bit because we have them using a much better camera (digital) and the sound is much louder and clearer... especially because we come into her getting into the Jacuzzi tub in their master bathroom and it is This starts out with her fucking a pink vibrator. She tells us it is "balls deep" (see pics). She continues to fuck herself for a while and it is a sight to behold. She really starts moaning awesome as she fucks herself. This is an awesome scene that ends with her making herself cum! He is trying to get her to talk dirty and I think she is a bit shy due to the She begins by sucking his dick. She is deep throating it and licking the shaft, she even sucks on his balls. The whole time she keeps looking right at him and into the camera! (see pic) She even bites his sack and pulls it way out (see pic). She is so cute when they get to talking towards the end of the scene... you just want to eat her up.

We cut to them doing 69 again, except this time the camera is lower and she is looking right into it a large portion of the time. We get to see her eyes as she sucks down his big dick. She definitely pushes herself a lot further 10 years later. She deep throats him until she gags real good. She even can look into the camera as she does it. Nice what 10 years of practice can do! This is a fucking awesome scene listening to her gasp for air and all the sounds that go with deep throating! She rides him for a bit and he slaps her ass, they go back to 69 and she starts moaning as she sucks his dick some more. We cut to them on fuck blocks and her taking him hard from behind and moaning. He starts asking her where his cock is and she replies "in my womb". She starts crying out as he slams her. She says it hurts a few times, so they stop and he starts to lick her pussy as she moans. He pushes a toy inside her ass and she is crying out and yelling so he pulls it out. He tells her it is going in again and she does not sound too happy, but she lets him. While it is in her ass, he slides his dick in her pussy and she really starts to moan. It pops out and he pushes it back in and she yells. He starts fucking her pussy again. They stop and try a new position as it is obvious the DP with the toy is a bit more than she can take. He fucks her upside down for a bit and they both open her pussy up so we can see inside (see pic). He is ready to cum, so she says "Cum in my mouth"... and he does! (see pic). What he says after this is fucking hilarious. She lovingly sucks his dick after the fact with seed all over her face. (see pic)

This is an AWESOME fucking video. There is so much here. I am so happy they shared some of the older footage with us too. This was an unbelievable find and they are already working on new stuff for us. She is definitely everything you look for in a woman sexually and physically. I am in love! It took me so long to get this video up because I could only review it 5 minutes at a From what I have heard from talking with them, this is the tip of the iceberg. Well I need to get some water because I am now dehydrated I recommend everyone buy this video. ENJOY!

**Plus this DVD has a 30 minutes Preview Reel!

Shelly - Horny Suburban Wife Volume 1 Quantity in Basket: none

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