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This DVD is in 16X9 Widescreen
.Volume Three
Sandy & Tim - Sandy Has A Three-way!

This is Sandy. Sandy is 42 years old. She is just all kinds of fucking HOT... for any age! She is 5'4", is about 134lbs, big D-cups (awesome tits!) and green eyes. She LOVES sex, any kind, anywhere! Listen, this is filmed in widescreen, and was actually filmed on a HD camera. These two are obviously not doing it for the money. When you see their house, and where they vacation (Volume 2) You will see that this is a couple who does this for fun. She stays home and... well... thinks about He works as a TV Exec in LA. (Hence the fancy equipment). As they have moved along in their lives, they have become more open with their sex and have decided to try other people, and that it would be a turn on if they could find a place that they could display this... and know people are watching them. Strangers see her exposed and taking cock and toys in every hole! Being fucked by other people!

Quick Review:
This video has a lot to be sure! It was shot in HD with an HD camera. The DVD wont be HD, but it is awesome quality! This couple turns the camera on whenever they get the urge. They also dont artificially extend scenes... so they turn on the camera... get it down, and we move This makes for a much different style video than I have had before. Imagine if you will, a woman who turns on the camera whenever she wants to masturbate, give a BJ, or have sex. This video has masturbation, Outside scenes, abandoned building sex, oral, cum eating, toys, Dp, TP, foot Job, ass play, and sex! A pretty nice line up!

Full Description:
Scene 1: 9 mins
This video begins with us outside on the side of the road as traffic goes by in the distance. Down off the hill from the road comes Sandy. They joke for a moment, and she climbs into the back of their Land Rover (damn) and strips naked! Cars driving by in the background, and she pulls out 2 vibrators and starts to use them on her pussy! (see pic) You can see a truck going by in the distance in the first She is smiling and having a good time. She grasps a nipple and starts to get louder. She is having fun for sure... they both are. She fucks herself and does her clit to a nice orgasm! (see pic) We then watch her get dressed.

Scene 2: 10 mins
We next catch Sandy naked, on her back, sucking cock! (see pic) Yes the scene just starts with her having a mouth full of man meat!. She is enjoying the dick sucking, almost as much as he is! We then move to them doing it doggie style. They change positions several time and actually push the coffee table across the They end up back in the position of her sucking his cock until he cums in her mouth and on her face! (see pic)

Scene 3: 15 mins
The next scene starts with her in her reading glasses sitting on the couch in a camisol reading. She starts off by getting down on her knees and blowing him... after letting those great tits out to breath! She sucks Dick so well... I am almost jealous! She breaks out the baby oil and starts to stroke his cock to lube it up. HE then begins to tit fuck her... she of course got them all slippery with baby oil first! She then uses the baby oil to lube up her feet and his cock... and starts to give him a foot job! (see pic) She goes up and down, making sure to get his cock between her toes... changing grips... and he loves it! He then unloads all over her feet! (see pic)

Scene 4: 11 mins
The next scene starts with Sandy driving the Land Rover down the highway....without pants She spies some abandoned buildings... and they decide to go off and explore She gives us a tour, and the place is a dump... but they have fun going through and it is actually fun for us to be with them. This place is a fucking wreck... but before you know it... our high class couple is naked in the filth and she is blowing him as traffic screams He bends her over a counter/shelf and starts to drill her from behind as she moans and looks into the camera. He really starts to pound her (see pic) and she is moaning and groaning. These two dont do videos for the money... trust me. Not driving a Land Rover and trekking all over the world for But here they are in a pile of filth fucking! There is something about the well to do having sex in filthy dirty places that just does something for you... makes you wonder if you looked in the right shithole... would you see the "Hollywood elite" trying hard to get off being dirty?! She has a great orgasm, and they change views and positions several times so we can see it all. She is talking dirty. He then pulls out and cums in her mouth and on her face!

Scene 5: 9mins
The next scene has us in Las Vegas checking into a hotel. She gets up and starts to jump on the bed... with a great dismount! She then undresses and gets on the bed naked! She breaks out two toys and slides one in her pussy and uses the other toy to rub on her clit. She starts to moan and fuck herself well. She has a nice little orgasm, then lubes up a pink vibrator... she then slides it in her asshole! It ends up base deep in her asshole, and she has a great orgasm!!! We cut forward to him pushing it back up her asshole (see pic) She holds a vibrator on her clit and he starts to fuck her pussy. She is moaning and gasping as she has both hoes filled, and is being fucked. He pounds her as she moans until he pulls out and cums all over her pussy! Then they make a great joke at the end!

Scene 6: 6mins
The next scene has us walking in on her nude in bed. She bends over so her ass and pussy are facing the camera, and Tim starts to play with her asshole. He pushes a finger in her pussy and one up her ass. He starts to fuck her with these fingers as she holds a vibrator on her clit and moans loudly. She tells him to go faster and she gets real loud and has a great orgasm! He then grabs a pink vibrator and lubes it up, he slides it in her asshole and she moans. (see pic) He starts slow as she moans and grunts. He picks up the pace a little and is going deeper with it. You can see her O-ring form the volcano when he slides it out. She demands he finger her pussy and fuck her ass faster with the toy. She announces an orgasm and has a huge one! (see pic) She ends up squirting too!

Scene 7: 16mins
The final scene has us catching up with Sandy as she heads into the bedroom. (I like the way she has her hair in this scene....Sounds strange... I know... but I do! She is in a little nighty, and she breaks out her bag of toys. She breaks out a few of them and starts by putting a vibro egg in her pussy and fucking herself with a vibrator as well! She then takes another vibrator and slides it up her ass. So now she has a toy in each hole and she works her clit with another vibrator (see pic) She has a couple of nice orgasms! (see pic) Keeping the two toys in her, Tim comes along and slides his cock in her pussy right next to the vibrator... now she has a vibrator up her ass, one in her pussy and Tim's cock in her pussy too! (see pic) A nice triple penetration! She starts saying things like "Fucking pound my pussy!" Which he does of course! She is making a lot of noise! They change positions and arrange it so he is the cock in her... and he pulls out and cums all over her pussy! This scene tells me Sandy has been holding out on us... and that I may need to buy her a John Holmes cock to play with!

This is a great third video. It gives us a bit of everything here. From outside sex, to abandoned buildings, to oral, toys, DP TP and foot job. What is better is that they seem to be having a lot more fun in this video. They seem to know what to expect, and are enjoying themselves more... and that comes out quite a bit in this video! This is a great video with superb quality of a 40+ year old woman who is super hot. I hope this is the start of some more really hot 40+ women on the site! Enjoy!

**DVD Extras
DVD has a 30 minute Preview Reel!
Thumbnail chapter selection menus for: Feature and Preview Reel

Run Time: 76 mins

Sandy & Tim - Volume 3 - Sex Crazed MILF! Quantity in Basket: none

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