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.Volume Six
40 Year Old Hot Cougar Ass Fucked!

This is Jenny and Brian. We will Jenny is a schoolteacher! Woo hoo! I have been asked not to say what grade! I just want to know, where were the teachers that looked like this when I was in school? Jenny is 5'7", has green eyes, weighs about 120 pounds and is 40 years old. She lives in Nevada, but obviously hails from down south. Brian is 5'10" and 23 years old. Cougars being all the rage right now, I honestly didn't think I would ever come across one! But when you have a 40-year-old hot MILF who is living with her 23-year-old boyfriend... I don't know what else to call it! I will tell you it's pretty fucking hot! Brian is also hung very well! Shit just keeps getting better!

Quick Review:
Well, Jenny and Brian are back again! This video has a cougar fucking a younger man, oral, big cock, toys, cum eating, and a cream pie! This is another video, where you get the feeling you are getting to know both of these guys better! We get some great views of this hot woman who is over 40 doing all kinds of things! 

Scene 1: 26 mins
The first scene begins with Brian, tracking down Jenny in the kitchen making pizza. She is in denim shorts, a black thong, and a tank top. She opens her shorts and shows off her thong. She decides she wants to suck his cock, so she gets down on her knees on the kitchen floor. (See pic). She always flashes that big smile. When she's about to put big cock in her mouth! She starts to suck his cock, before moving down and sucking on his balls! (See pic). When I say she is sucking his balls I mean, she is really sucking his In the living room, she begins to give him a foot job, before continuing to suck his cock. it isn't wall before he throws his big cock in her waiting pussy. She lies back and spreads her legs, allowing him to thrust his huge cock into her (see pic). They fuck for a bit on the couch, and Brian tries to give us as many great angles as he can. She gets back to blowing him (see pic), and does a really great job at it, licking the shaft, the balls, and sucking on the tip. It isn't long until he blows his load in in her mouth and on her face (see pic). She actually swallows down a fair amount of this, even licking it off her face. We then catch her in the bathroom cleaning up, before they returned to the kitchen and play a bit as she cuts the pizza they cooked during their sex! .

Scene 2: 24 mins
The next scene starts with Jenny getting ready for work. She shows off her white thong, while she is in her business attire. She heads out and drives off, however, we catch up with her later that night, and she is ass naked in front of a computer (see pic). Brian gets the camera under the table and starts to film her playing with her bald pussy using night vision. They laugh and have a good time, as they take turns fingering her wet pussy. It is not long before they break a toy out, and start to fuck her with a vibrator (see pic). He gets to fucking her deep with the vibrator, as she rubs her clit. They turn off night vision as they both work her pussy hard. She is moaning and rubbing her clit, while whispering and faster to Brian. She has a monster orgasm that breaks the! They then get to fucking, and he gives us some great angles as he goes deep on her wet pussy. She is moaning hard and grasping the leather couch so hard in her fists. It looks like she will tear it open! She has a great orgasm and asks how wet her pussy is. She takes over filming for a bit, and we get to see her pussy gets pounded from her perspective. He lies back, and she starts to suck his cock and balls. (See pic). She actually gets one of his balls and her mouth and sucks hard and far away from his body. She keeps stroking his shaft as she sucks on the ball. She then climbs on top of him and starts to ride him hard. (See pic). He then blows his load inside of her cunt. They do a close up, and we see all of the man seed oozing out of her! (See pic) she then gets down and licks his cum off his belly, and sucks his cock a little more. She hops on his cock again and he slaps her ass a bunch of times! 

Scene 3: 24 mins
The final scene has us catching Jenny in bed. They have night vision on which looks a lot greener in my pictures than it does on the screen. He wakes her up in the middle of the night, and they chat for a bit as she teases her. It isn't long before she is sucking his cock. She holds his balls and licks the shaft, even looking up at us from time to time (see pic). She removes her pants and panties, and lays back. She spreads her legs and he slides his cock into her pussy, only to find out it is so wet, he can go all the way to the base in one shot! He starts fucking her well, while trying to give us the best angle he can. (See pic). She is moaning and groaning as he hammers her. She has a great orgasm after he pounds her! He tries to fuck her in the ass hole, what it is a bit too painful for her. She gets on her hands and knees and he starts to drill her hard from behind. (See pic). She is moaning and groaning as he hammers the shit out of her from behind. He pounds her so hard she has an orgasm... and a great one! They continue fucking, and as he does this he crams his thumb in her ass. It isn't long before he pulls out and blows his load all over her ass! He then gives us a view of him fingering and pulling on her pussy before he swoops in and checks with her a bit more before we say goodbye and fade out! 

Another solid submission by these two. In this video, you really get to know Jenny a bit better. There is a fair amount of extra time spent with her, where she is just taking a huge cock in one of her holes! Jenny obviously, still enjoys sucking his huge cock, and taking it in all holes, but they expand their reach a little in this video. There is a nice cream pie, and the first scene is a nice progression scene of these two hanging out and just fucking all after noon! Another great video of these two, Enjoy!!

**DVD Extras
DVD has a 30 minute Preview Reel!
Thumbnail chapter selection menus for: Feature and Preview Reel

Run Time: 74 mins

Jenny & Brian - Volume 6 - Hot 40 Year Old Cougar! Quantity in Basket: none

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