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.Volume One
Jizelle & Josh

Shot At Home - Real Homemade Videos - Jizelle & Josh - Vol. 1


This is Jizelle & Josh! Jizelle is 22 years old, 5 foot five, 130 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes and loves sex! Josh is six foot three and 180 pounds and is in a traveling rock band. Jizelle travels with him, and they make money filming their escapades and selling them to varrious companies. It was just a matter of time until we found each other! You are going to love this couple!

Quick Review:
In this video we have oral, and gagging on his cock, cum eating, toys, fucking, and masturbation. This is a new couple, one of several new couples we will be introducing over the next several months. These two travel around for his music, and just loves to fuck each other. This is a great introduction to the two of them.!

Full Description:
Scene 1: 21
The first scene of our video is a nice introduction to this couple. Jizelle is on the bed and crawls over to Josh putting his Dick right in her mouth. She starts to suck his cock while looking straight at him (see pic). She gags on his cock taking it deep, and he gets every angle he can to show us what she is doing. She tries to take his cock all the way and he even grabs her by the back of the head and crams it in even deeper. She gags and her eyes water but she continues forward. He gives us some great angles of Jizelle sucking his cock (see pic). After gagging a bunch of times on his cock, she strips the rest of her clothes off. She spreads her legs exposing her shaved pussy, and showing you her great pussy lips (see pic). He crams his cock right in her waiting pussy and starts to fuck her she is moaning and grunting as he slides his cock in and out of her wet pussy (see pic). We get to hear her moans loudly as the camera is right near her face. She rubs her clit as her man hammers her bald pussy. She even slaps her own pussy lips while being fucked. He puts the camera on her face so we can watch her expressions as she hammered hard. She then bends over on the bed and takes him from behind. He hammers her hard from behind and she watches as her pussy is reamed well. (See pic). She is moaning and groaning hard as he hammers her from behind. Taking time to look at you to let you know she knows you are watching! The time comes and he shoots his load all over her face and in her mouth. She swallows what lands in her mouth, and even blows him for a couple of minutes afterwards looking dead in the camera with seed all over her face and chest! .

Scene 2: 15 mins
The next scene is a solo scene. Jizelle gets into a warm tub, lit by a skylight. This is great for natural lighting and makes the scene that much better! (See pic). She suction cups a dildo to the wall, and starts to wash up and front of us. She starts to rub her bald pussy looking directly into the camera. She gets up on the edge of the tub so you can see her great pussy lips while she rubs and slaps it! she has fun talking to the camera as she moves it around. She is slapping her pussy and rubbing it while moaning and groaning. She is showing off her entire body at every angle for you. She sure knows how to look at the camera! She just has a look about her when she does that let's you know that she is trouble! She turns around and starts to fuck the dildo she stuck to the wall! She is bucking back against it and fucking it well. She grabs the camera and films it from below as she slides back and forth moaning on the cock (see pic). You can hear how wet her pussy is as this thing slides in and out of her. She takes the dildo off the wall and starts to hammer her pussy with, and I mean fast and hard. It is smacking loudly against her pussy and she is going crazy (see pic). She fingers both her holes and rubs her pussy for you. She is starting to gasp and writhe around and you can tell she really needs this. Her legs are shaking as she rubs her clit and has a shaking twitching loud orgasm! This leaves her out of breath, and she looks like she just did something special! You will have to see what I mean she just has some facial looks, the camera loves this chick!.

Scene 3: 23 mins
The next scene starts in the living room where she informs you the vibrator will go in her pussy, and the dildo will go in her mouth! Excellent. She turns on the flashy vibrator, and while sucking the dildo she Fucks her pussy with the vibrator. She is moaning as she feeds both holes they are toy. She is gasping hard, and even feeds the dildo down her throat so far she gags! (See pic). She suction cups the vibrator to the floor and turns it on. She squats over it and starts to ride it. She keeps sucking the dildo gagging on until she rides the vibrator to a great orgasm! She calls for Josh's cock, and he comes over and feeds it down her throat and she still rides the toy! She is sucking his balls and cock as she rides the toy still on the living room floor. They turn the toy off and she just blows him for a while, as he feeds his cock to her and she gags on it (see pic). He smacks her in the face with his cock a bit, and she just keeps on sucking. She lays back on the couch and he Fucks her from above for a while. She is very loud in this scene. She is having fun watching his cock slide in and out of her pussy. Turn down your TV because this girl gets loud! We get a skewed different angles of him hammering her pussy with his cock. She bends over and he Fucks her from behind. He slaps her ass a few times, and she moans every time! She is rocking back against his cock like a champ, and has a monster orgasm while he Fucks her. He Fucks her from behind for a bit longer before blowing his load all over her ass (see pic).

Scene 3: 11 mins
The next scene has Jizelle on the couch in just a thong. She is rubbing her hands all over her body, then stands and strips off her thong for you. She pulls out a dildo and sucks on it for a bit while she double fingers her pussy. She then crams it in her pussy and starts to fuck it. She is hammering it hard and out and moaning (see pic). She takes it out of her pussy and starts to suck on it. She rubs her clit and sucks on the dildo. She then pulls out a vibrator, and starts to work her clit with it. She rubs her clit hard with it, before penetrating her pussy with the toy. She pushes it all the way in and Fucks herself. She is moaning hard and groaning as she slides the thing in and out. She Fucks herself a couple of different positions moaning loud as she does so (see pic). She bends over and puts the vibrator on high, she crams a finger in her ass hole and rubs her clit really are. She puts a finger in both of her holes and Fucks them while rubbing her clit with the vibrator (see pic). She Fucks herself with the vibrator keeping that finger in her ass until she has a great orgasm! She puts on quite a smile after!

This is a solid first submission. You can see that these two really enjoy each other, and loves sex. This is the first in a series of videos. I have these two inviting at least two different girls back to have sex with them. These will be future volumes. This was just a great introduction, especially because you got some one-on-one time with Jizelle. It really lets you see these two together at home enjoying each other, before we get really wild. A great first submission by any standard! Enjoy!

**DVD Extras
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30 min Preview Reel!

Run Time: 70 mins

Jizelle & Josh - Volume 1 Quantity in Basket: none

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