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Shot At Home - Real Homemade Videos - Jizelle & Josh in HD! - Vol. 4


16X9 Widescreen
.Volume Four - HD
Jizelle & Josh

This is Jizelle & Josh! Jizelle is 22 years old, 5 foot five, 130 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes and loves sex! Josh is six foot three and 180 pounds and is in a traveling rock band. Jizelle travels with him, and they make money filming their escapades and selling them to varrious companies. It was just a matter of time until we found each other! You are going to love this couple!

Quick Review:
This video is the DVD version of our first HD video! Shot in widescreen high definition. We have five scenes, sex, facial with Cum eating, oral, and great female orgasms. She does a fair amount of gagging during the oral scenes, but they have a lot of fun here! They take us from room to room all different parts of the day, and fuck for us and high definition. Again this is the DVD version, but still great quality.!

Full Description:

Scene 1: 16 mins

This video begins with both of them on the bed naked. Jizelle is grinding on his cock, before sliding down and beginning to suck on it. She is deep throating it and stroking the shaft as she goes. She spends some time sucking on his balls, and continues to see how deep she can take his cock into her throat! They decide to do 69 and try it in a couple of different positions. We end up with her on top sucking his cock as he licks her pussy. She even takes a moment to look at us as they do this! (See pic). She climbs on top of him and they start to fuck. She is moaning hard as he hammers her from below. He smacks her ass as she moans out loud, she rides him reverse cowgirl for a bit moaning loud. They are fucking so hard you can hear them slapping together. He slaps her clit a few times while they fuck, and he pushes her to an orgasm! She then lays beside him and he enters her from behind. They fuck like this for a bit as she is moaning hard (see pic). They start to fuck doggie style and he is pounding away as she moans. They fuck like this for a while until he pulls out and blows his huge load all over her ass! They laugh because it so big! He takes the camera and shows us the damage. She is smiling and laughing and looks happy!

Scene 2: 9 mins

The next scene opens with Jizelle sucking on Josh's balls. We come right in on that! She is sucking his cock kicking her feet in the air behind her, looking all cute! She even looks dead in the camera and you get to see just what great quality this footage is! (See pic). She deep throats him and gags on his cock a bit. Takes a moment to really suck on his balls, flashing us looks the entire time. She climbs on top of him and slides his cock into her already wet pussy! We watch POV as she rides him. She is moaning into the microphone and we are getting some great POV views. She is playing with her pussy and her pierced nipples as she rides up and down on her man's cock. The cameras get knocked around pretty good so he sets it down, and starts to drill her from behind. She is looking back at the camera as he hammers her. It is on the night stand and gives us a great view, as well as the ability to hear how wet her pussy is as he pounds it. she is moaning loudly and grimacing as she is handled from behind. He then pulls out and blows his load all over her ass as she looks you in the face (see pic).

Scene 3: 14 mins

The next scene is a blow job scene. She introduces herself and Josh, informs us he wants a blow job, and that she is going to provide one. She starts to suck his cock, seeing how deep she can go. She gags a few times on his man meat, and her spit is flopping all over the place. He holds her hair back for her and helps her go down deeper on his cock by pushing her head a bit (see pic). She laughs every time she There is a moment in the middle we are she spends extra attention looking at us. (See pic). She keeps gagging herself on his cock, which doesn't stop him from thrusting into her throat as she gags! Her saliva is just dripping and streams off of his cock. They do some really neat gagging work here, as she seems to really enjoy having it happen! Spit going everywhere, they pick up the pace and he just face Fucks her. Her eyes are watering, there's spit all over her chin and chest, and she still going! It isn't long until the time comes, and she strokes him off as he shoots his load all over her face and in her mouth! (See pic).

Scene 4: 12 mins

The next scene begins with Jizelle lying on the bed modeling for us. (See pic). She is looking quite hot! She crawls over to him and undoes his pants, pulling out his cock, and starts to suck it! For he few moments there she looks right up into the camera, and you can see from all full of cock and her bright blue eyes! (See pic). Another instance where the quality of the video really pays off. We get a great view of her on her hands and knees sucking cock. She is tugging on his balls deep throating him. She strips naked spreads her legs, and gets ready for his cock. They cram his cock in her meaty pussy, and he starts to fuck her. We get a great POV view of his cock slamming in and out of her pussy (see pic). She is moaning and grimacing as he hammers away at her pussy meat. He Fucks her from behind for a bit, and we still get a POV view of this will. It isn't long and he pulls out and blows his load all over her ass. She even looks back smiling at us as we assess the damage! (See pic). With a laugh, we fade out.

Scene 5: 18 mins

We pop in on her exercise. She is in a leotard with ankle weights bouncing on a trampoline. She asks if he wants to eat her sweaty pussy... and he claims he is up for the challenge. She takes the camera he pulls aside her leotard, and starts to lick her pussy as she moans. He strips off his clothing, and she does the same, she then drops to her knees and starts to suck his cock. As usual she looks at you while she does this (see pic). She is still sweaty from her work out and is really enjoying pleasing her man with her mouth. She bends over and takes him from behind grunting as he slides in and out of her giving us a POV view. They put the camera on the tripod and she rides him reverse cowgirl. She is moaning and biting her lips as she slides up and down on his cock (see pic). He slaps her pussy a bit in this position and she moans. She is watching them fuck in the mirror as he slams her pussy from below. They fuck doggie style for a while, and she moans and grunts, and grimaces as she is hammered from behind! (See pic). She has a great orgasm while being pumped from behind, and he isn't far behind her pulling out to blow his load all over her back and ass. She once again looks thrilled to death to have his seed all over her ass! He shows us the damage and she flashes us a smile (see pic).

What a great video to kick off our blu ray section of the site! Some of the scenes are lit by daylight, making them even better. Just another instance of a couple at home having sex in every room, and video taping it for us. They enjoys sex, she loves gagging on his cock, and having sex at any time of day seems to be opened and available for them. This is a great video, something for everyone, enjoy!!

**DVD Extras
Thumbnail chapter selection menus  
20 min Preview Reel!

Run Time: 69 mins

Jizelle & Josh - Volume 4 - DVD Quantity in Basket: none

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