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Shot At Home Homemade & Amateur Videos

Welcome to Shot At Home! Your home for REAL HOMEMADE videos! Very often imitated, but NEVER duplicated! We supply videos for the people, of the people, and most importantly... BY THE PEOPLE! Most of our videos are filmed by the couples who are actually in them! We do not "claim" these are couples (husbands & wives, boyfriends & girlfriends) then set up shoots between two models and try to tell you it is These are filmed by the people in them. Plain and simple, REAL HOMEMADE VIDEOS!! Tired of having your intelligence insulted by set up videos, surreal plots, and corny-fake titles? Tired of getting what was supposed to be a homemade video of an intimate moment between a REAL couple, and finding out it was a set up shoot? Our homemade videos are named after the people in them, not some faked hook to get you to buy them... just to find out it was a set up. Want REAL HOMEMADE videos? Well, you have found a home, look no further! Welcome!

New Releases
Recent Releases

October 2011 marked the 10 Year Anniversary of Shot At Home. This collection of 10 scenes is just a small portion of Andy's favorite videos from the past 10 years. There are many, many more scenes Andy loves, but sadly there's only so much room on a DVD. Enjoy!!!

In celebration of the Shot At Home 10 Year Anniversary this DVD is on sale for only $10.

10 years, 10 scenes, 10 bucks!

My 90min Sampler Videos Are Now Only $10! (previews 18 titles!)
Preview 180 different videos between the 10 Samplers to see if you like BEFORE you buy!

For a COMPLETE list of every video we have, please click the "All DVDs" link!